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Publication: Sporting News
Date: May 22, 2015

It’s been over 18 years since Priest Holmes left the University of Texas, but the former Ravens and Chiefs running back returned to earn his degree.

During his four years at Texas from 1992-96, Holmes did not complete his degree. But he recently went back to school and received a bachelor’s degree in youth and community studies from UT’s College of Education.

“Even though playing professionally in the NFL was one of my long-term goals, not completing my degree was still weighing on me,” Holmes told the college. “Philanthropic work has been a huge part of my mission and purpose, but I knew I could only evolve so much until I could go back and finish it.

“I knew doing so would not only benefit my philanthropic goals but also my family, hopefully inspiring my kids and other individuals to stay motivated to learn everything about their field of interest and not just settle on what they have at the moment. I wanted to be able to inspire young athletes who may be in similar situations to not give up on their educational goals, even if life takes them in new directions.”

Undrafted in 1997, Holmes signed with the Ravens and ran for 1,008 yards in 1998, which included a 227-yard performance against the Bengals. He was part of Baltimore’s Super Bowl championship team in 2000 before going to Kansas City, where his career truly blossomed.


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