BJ Kissel, Chiefs Reporter
Date: November 2, 2014

Taking a look back at Priest Holmes’ career in Kansas City

“He was like a meteorite.”

That was maybe the best way to describe the sudden impact running back Priest Holmes made on the Kansas City Chiefs when he signed as a free agent back in 2001.

That statement by Peter King of Sports Illustrated echoed what many Chiefs fans would say about that time in Chiefs history, when an offensive juggernaut was born.

“I think one of the great things about Priest Holmes is that it was so unexpected,” King explained.

This unexpected journey of Holmes’ football career began back at John Marshall High School in San Antonio, Texas.

His coach back at John Marshall High School, David Visentine, recalls the first time he met Holmes.

“He’s just sitting on top of his bicycle hanging onto the chain-linked fence,” Visentine reflected. He’s sitting there and he’s watching practice. I walked over to him and I said ‘Are you Priest Holmes?’ He nodded, I said ‘You going to play football?’ He nodded again.

“I said ‘We’re working out, you need to start working out with us. Are you ready to work out?’ He nodded. That was it.”

Just like that, the quiet, unassuming teenager hanging on the fence would eventually become a meteorite and one of the most revered football players in Kansas City Chiefs history.


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